When it comes to the various upkeeps required for your vehicle, the procedures might seem endless. The best way to assess your vehicle's livelihood all at once is to stop by our service bay here at Dorsett Hyundai. We offer our comprehensive checkups when you participate in our multi-point inspection. This way, you can get back on the road as soon as possible with the ultimate peace of mind. You can give us a call at 812-645-6684 to schedule a date and time you would like to stop by. We are located at 74 East Springhill Road in Terre Haute, IN, and look forward to your visit. 


Our multi-point inspections aim to cover all bases so you are fully aware as to how your vehicle is faring on the roadway. To start things off, we will take a peek beneath your hood to check on your various fluid levels. After that, we will make sure that your engine air filter is up to par, your drive belts are safe and secure, and your engine is running properly. We will also take a peek at your battery and perform a test to make sure it is maintaining its charge. Once that is completed, we will lift your vehicle and look at your shock absorbers, suspension, steering components, drive shaft, and exhaust system. While we're at it, we will take a look at your tires to make sure that they have proper tread levels so you don't experience any slippage during inclement weather. If your brakes need new pads, we will make sure to inform you about that as well. 

Online Tools

Are you aware that you are long overdue for this essential inspection? We can get the ball rolling today when you make use of our handy online features. You can secure a time slot from the comfort of your own home by heading to the top of your screen and clicking on the Schedule Appointment form found beneath the Service dropdown. If you are in need of any extra parts while you are in, you can visit the Parts Department to get suited up with exactly what you need. Go ahead and make use of the Ask a Tech form if you have any questions or concerns and we will respond promptly!

What is a multi-point inspection in Terre Haute, IN? You can find out today when you swing by Dorsett Hyundai and visit our Service Department. We have flexible business hours for your utmost convenience.

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