Timing Belt Replacement Service

Timing Belt Replacement Service

Timing Belt Replacement in Terre Haute, IN

One of the most important maintenance items that your Hyundai may need is a timing belt change. If your vehicle has a timing belt, and you don't change it at the manufacturer's recommended intervals, then your vehicle's engine will be at risk for severe damage. Dorsett Hyundai of Terre Haute can help you with your timing belt to help keep your vehicle's engine running. Here is more information about which Hyundai engines need a timing belt change, what the service entails, and details about what will happen if you wait too long.

The Timing Belt

The timing belt helps with regulating the timing between the crankshaft, which rotates the pistons, and the camshaft, which rotates the valves. These two parts must be fine-tuned so that fuel is taken in and the air is let out at a precise time for maximum efficiency and so that the valves don't get hit by the pistons. Without this synchronization, the engine will not only run poorly and maybe backfire, but the valves could also be bent by the piston's upstroke.

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Interference and Non-Interference Engines

Generally, when it comes to timing, there are two types of engines: Interference and non-interference engines. With interference engines, if the clearance between the valves and the pistons is so small that if the timing is even a little bit off, pistons could hit the valves when it reaches the top of its stroke. Non-interference engines usually have more room in the combustion chamber so that even when the piston is at top dead center, it won't hit the valves. This difference is crucial when the belt breaks.

Damage Caused by Broken Timing Belts

If you have an interference engine and your timing belt breaks, then you will need at least a partial engine rebuild. When the belt brakes, the timing is completely thrown off and the pistons will hit and bend back the valves. This will happen even if the engine stops running right after the belt breaks. It is for this reason that you must have your timing belt changed at the recommended intervals. These interval recommendations are based on predictions and average breakage intervals.

Benefits of Coming to Dorsett Hyundai

Dorsett Hyundai's factory-trained certified technicians can tell you what kind of engine you have and change your timing belt for you when needed. Belt tensioners are also changed at the same time to keep the belts at the perfect tension. If your water pump is leaking or showing signs of wear, then you can have this service done at the same time. We have convenient pickup and dropoff service as well as a courtesy shuttle so your day can continue uninterrupted.

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