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Serpentine Belt Replacement Service

Serpentine Belt Replacement in Terre Haute, IN

A Squealing noise or your vehicle overheating may indicate that its time to replace the serpentine belt in your engine. While this is not a repair made often, many manufacturers recommend that it be replaced after 90,000 miles. As this is a maintenance procedure that is not performed often, it can be difficult to diagnose for most vehicle owners. That is why you should come to see our highly qualified team of technicians at Dorsett Hyundai in Terre Haute. They will use sophisticated equipment and their knowledge of Hyundai standards to find the source of squealing or other issues.

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Your Serpentine Belt

The crankshaft pulley is driven by the flat serpentine belt. The serpentine belt is essential for operating many accessories and components. It powers the alternator, power steering pump, air conditioning compressor, and the water and air pumps. A hydraulic or spring-loaded tensioner works to keep the belt at the correct tension. Hyundai outlines in the vehicle manual when to anticipate needing the have the serpentine belt replaced. While you can anticipate the replacement timing, it is something that should be occasionally checked for wear or signs of damage. Squealing or slipping are signs that there may be significant wear on the serpentine belt. When you hear any unusual noises, you should bring your vehicle in for service as soon as possible.

Another sign is the check engine light. Any time the engine begins to overheat is an additional signal that the belt may have worn or is failing. This happens because the belt is not at the right tension so it can no longer drive the water pump to cool the engine correctly. If there are problems with the serpentine belt, it is no longer safe to drive the vehicle. You run the risk of being stranded on the road or causing an accident. One important function of the serpentine belt is to drive the alternator. If it breaks, it can cause the battery to discharge entirely. This will cause a complete vehicle power failure. Also because it is associated with the water pump, the vehicle will immediately overheat.

Dorsett Hyundai Service

At Dorsett Hyundai in Terre Haute, our team of technicians is ready to help you. When you begin to hear unusual noise or squealing, bring it in and we will diagnose the issue for you. If you do need to replace the serpentine belt, we can take care of it quickly and efficiently. We want you to safely enjoy your Hyundai for many years to come. When something unusual happens, bring it in. We will care for your vehicle like it was our own.

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